Joining JusticeNet

JusticeNet provides an opportunity for concerned lawyers to take a leadership role to help bridge the access to justice gap existing in Canada's legal system. Canadian lawyers taking part in the JusticeNet Program demonstrate their concern for the unmet legal needs of financially constrained members of their communities.

Accepting a JusticeNet case is completely voluntary, and not intended to interfere with a lawyer's existing private practice or regular rates. A participating lawyer determines how many JusticeNet clients he or she is able to take on. Each lawyer can turn his or her availability status on or off at any time by signing in to the website member page.

We encourage you to participate in a program that moderately lowers your hourly fees on a portion of your practice, but which enhances your professional reputation and opens the doors to large numbers of Canadians to be able to afford legal counsel.



“Our justice system will be further strengthened with the introduction of the JusticeNet program, as it will serve to complement existing access to justice programs intended for people who do not qualify for legal aid.”

The Hon. Rob Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada


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